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What is the photo?

What is the photo? 

Photo, financial assets that can be visible and available in natural shapes, light and sensitive to light with the help of some chemical substances to getirilmişfilm, paper or any substance detected on physical and chemical process. Greek word meaning light "photos and text anlamınagelen" graphes "are words. That means writing with light. Photography is an international language and modern life will see a third eye task. Different things to look at photography is to see the evidence. Photos and other science a science in today's development cycle of the arms is undoubtedly the greatest help. 

Historical Photos

The exact date of the beginning of photography is not known. Photo date to get the dark image in the box as well as history, the history of these images is to identify ways fotokimyasal. 

In the eighth century, silver nitrate in an Arab named Cabir Ibni Hayyam effects of sunlight and the decision to find the 15th the great artist Leonardo da Vinci's asır darkroom out of a small hole in the current world view of the important start in the history of photography is to reflect. Artists in the Renaissance era to the dark box was found. Thus, light entering through a small hole the other end of the dark box, an inverted image of the subject could see. 18. century to the other side of the lens in the dark box and the other end of a frosted glass box placed outside the image can be seen has been made. 

Chemical substances and the effects of light on silver salt sensitivity of the image deviation was known 200 years ago. In 1725, lime and silver nitrate of a paper to be placed on the way to the sun and holding an image on paper like this is deemed to occur. 19. paper at the beginning of the century, silver nitrate solution was able to obtain the sinking of the negative. Photography's first and fundamental development, transparent varnish is made of an image on the paper is to bring on a tin plate. Then, Yuda Bitumen coated with a tin plate in the image on the reduced availability of sunlight falling on the white has been getting. 

Starting with the 1829 photo of Niepce Jacques Mande, 1837, together with Daugerre not reveal the Daugerreotype'ı began to show more improvement. This action stirred copper silver powder and olive oil with a clear sheet of foam after 1 / 16 ratio in the combination of water and nitric acid, washed and heated in a fire and light nitrate is the second time required. Thus, the machine is prepared to be sunk into the plate is iodine, 5 to 40 minutes depending on light exposure was given. 47.5 º C temperature image obtained from the mercury, a tray cover occur until the subject was not inside. 

Spend 16 times more than in 1840 in the light exposure time is reduced by using a lens. The image is obtained with type Daugerre There is clearly a mixture of copper in silver plate that's easily broken and very expensive way to have prevented much development. 

Henry Fox Talbot in the same period a sunken chemicals to get the image on paper, they also managed to slow the decision and is clearly due to the easily forgotten. However, for the first time this meeting Talbot'un "PHOTO" word is used. After a while it was able to be converted to positive and negative. Thus were laid the foundation of modern photography. 

Then photo paper, smooth the surface of eggs were obtained by immersion in raids. However, this method failed to reveal details. The successful results of the egg white that has iodine. After that, wet or dry sheet plate method than donra method is found. 

Take a photo of this date, the greatest exposure to achieve time 1 / 25 was the seconds. 

In 1852, George Eastman, Kodak camera to take in 10 exposure rolls of Gelatin coated with Kodak bromür released photos of a very large machine tools that photographers need to move was to allow easy movement. Photos taken after being sent to the factory machines and gelatin film after leaving the paper is placed on a glass and then the machine was returned to the owner by filling out the film. 

Hermann Vogel in 1870 also increased sensitivity Emulsions are various ways to sink in the bathroom were found. 1880 is very limited in sensitivity to red next to the ortokomatik film, panchromatic films emerged. 19th Photos and 20 astigmatism in the lenses of different centuries, the use of cellulose origin film, camera and film industry has become today's developments.

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